Case Studies

CLIENT: Kay Dane’
Contract Term: 60 days
Focus: Public Relations
Summary: Kay Dane is an edgy and chic women’s clothing collection. The brand was looking to increase sales and brand visibility.

The SUITE Touch: Kay Dane was featured in City Magazine, Sheen Magazine, Honey Magazine, Mattieologie and The Singer’s Room. The fall collection of Kay Dane was featured in the 2010 Cancer for a Cause Polow the Don fashion show. Kay Dane also secured Michelle Williams, formerly of Destiny’s Child, as a celebrity client. Kay Dane clothing was featured in Keri Hilson video “Breaking Point”.

CLIENT: Big Girl Cosmetics
Contract Term: 10 months
Focus: Public Relations and Brand Awareness
Summary: Big Girl Cosmetics is a cosmetics company with a full product line for eyes, lips and face. BG wanted to increase visibilty and exposure. to prepare for its retail space.

The SUITE Touch: BG Cosmetics was featured in several beauty blogs and the official sponsor for the “Like Us” Media Launch in New York City. BG Cosmetics was confirmed for The Oprah Winfrey Show as a business feature in September 2010 and will be in 20 Macy’s store locations in the spring of 2011.

CLIENT: Tastee Cosmetics
Contract Term: 8 months
Focus: Public Relations and Branding
Summary: Tastee Cosmetics is an ego friendly natural lip balm. Tastee Cosmetics need to increase brand awareness and exposure.

The SUITE Touch: Tastee Cosmetics was featured in Essence Magazine, Boho Magazine and Charlotte Style Magazine. Urban Suite established a Tastee Cosmetics blog, twitter and beauty tour.


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